About Us

Clive and his team know all too well how challenging the world of digital marketing can be. “I work with so many business owners who tell me that they know they need to use digital marketing to reach potential customers to increase profitability. But, they don’t have the expertise or the time to make it work for them. Simply Social Media takes the mystery out of digital marketing. We show companies how online marketing can help them work smarter; not harder,” says Clive.

As the owner of Simply Social Media, Clive puts his combined knowledge of digital marketing and experience as a business owner to work for clients in a variety of markets including real estate, animal care, event promotions, automotive, retail, hoteliers, and restaurants to name a few.

In today’s confusing and over saturated, digital culture, it’s important to send the right message, to the right customers at the right time. Clive Hooper and his team at Simply Social Media know how to do that for their clients, giving them a gateway to success.

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