The 7 Biggest Reasons for Needing Local SEO

Truthfully, there are tons of reasons why you need local SEO for your business; but here are the seven biggest.

Local SEO is highly targeted and timely

This simply means that you are making sure that your business’ name gets in front of the consumers you want, and at a time when they really need it. Keeping with our example of a mortgage lender, no one is going to look for a lender until they need a mortgage. So when they search for the keyword “mortgage lender New York City,” and you’ve used suitable local SEO tactics, you will be one of the 1st ones to appear, when they need a mortgage.

Local SEO has the greatest conversion rate of any other kind of advertising

Of course, the whole point of any kind of advertising is so that you can reach a large number of people and convert them into customers for your business. And local SEO does this more successfully than any other kind of advertising – because you’re reaching the people who are most likely going to use your business – the people closest to you.

Local SEO allows consumers to find you easier when they are on their mobile phones

Local SEO doesn’t limit itself to just desktop and laptop, but mobile phones too. Not only are all of the same local SEO tools used by the same search engines on a mobile browser, but now, many apps are now available that are tailored to local businesses.  A consumer logs into the app and inputs their search terms, which will include the classification they’re looking for (“mortgage lenders”) along with a location (“New York City”) and your business appears. These apps are devoted to local SEO, and that alone tells you just how important it is!

Local SEO gives you a better return on your investment

We all know that you can spend a lot of money on newspaper advertisements, more than is spent for radio ads, and thousands if you want to have a TV commercial. All that expense and you have no clue whether or not it’s actually going to get to your target audience or be successful! That’s a lot of wasted money, money that your business probably cannot afford. With local SEO however, it costs you next to nothing to utilise a few local SEO tactics, even if you hire someone to do it for you. You spend a smaller amount of money to reach your target audience – it just makes good business sense.

Much of local SEO is free

To go along with getting a better return on your investment, a lot of local SEO is also free of charge. Google Places currently doesn’t charge anything to be listed in their service; and inserting local keywords isn’t going to cost you anything more than the time it takes to think about them. And that will not be much, because you already know what your business is, and where it’s located. But, as local SEO becomes more widespread and used more, these services are likely to start charging for their services.

70% of local consumers trust online business reviews

Online business is big and if there is only one thing that is bigger than it, it is online business reviews. The idea is simple, really. A customer uses your business, completes a review talking about their interaction with your company, irrespective of whether it was positive or negative, and whether or not they would use you again. When potential customers are seeking your business or in the category of your business that review will be one of the first things they see. And if that review is positive, it means that more customers will see it and be inclined to use you when they need your product or services.

Local SEO is Greener than Many Methods of Advertising

Because there are no flyers or pamphlets to print, and no newspaper ads to run, local SEO is much better for the environment. Consider this. Entering a few keywords into a blog or leaving comments on the blogs of others wastes very few resources. Local SEO is quite simply a much more environmentally friendly option and much more friendly to the environment. And even if that is not a big worry to you, it will be to your consumers. Going green and striving to reduce, reuse and recycle is no longer just a fad – it’s a lifestyle that millions have embraced. And many consumers now take environmental awareness into consideration when choosing which businesses they deal with.

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